Turkey – Eskişehir

Gazi Yakup Satar kiz Teknik ve Meslek Lisesi - www.gaziyakupsatarkml.meb.k12.tr

Gazi Yakup Satar Girls' Vocational and Technical High School is the newest and the most modern vocational high school of Eskişehir. The school has 600 students between 14-18 who are educated on Food& Beverage Services, Child Development, Special needs education, Fashion & Designing, Graphic & Animation subjects. Students are employed in the best institutions at their field in Eskisehir and touristic cities in Turkey .

All of our students are girls so the school has an important mission that is including women to workforce. Our students are from poor regions of Eskisehir so they are really enthusiastic to learn new things and have a good academic and vocational knowledge that will help them to find a good job in the near future. As the school is a new one, It has many technological equipments. Teachers and administrators want to benefit from this advantages so they are using some e-learning platforms. With this project we will have a platform that will be suitable to our needs.

As a partner of this project, we are going to participate in all activities and do necessary research into e-learning application. We will also do all the tasks given by the coordinator.

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