Profesionalna Gimnaziya po Mehanoelektrotehnika i Elektronika Vocational Secondary School of Mechanics and Electronics - http://www.pgmee.com

Vocational Secondary School of Mechanics and Electronics  with his 86 years old  history is  a leading school in Burgas and Bulgaria. We have  878 students 14 -18 years old in 34 classes.  The school prepare highly qualified specialists in the field of design, engineering, transport, electrical engineering and computer technology.

The project  ELEVATION  intends to offer  the teachers  the possibility to acquire new competencies and to use new didactic methods   by transferring the lessons into an  virtual educational environment. Our teachers will create E -learning content and they will learn to work with the E -learning platform. The lessons posted on the platform will be used with students during the classes. Through this project and cooperation with our partners, we want to improve the quality of education and particularly vocational for support of the development of innovative ICT -based content, services, pedagogies and practice. With the project we want to encourage the learning of modern foreign languages. We are going to participate in all activities and do necessary research into e -learning application.  The system will be used in the following specialties: "Industrial design and aesthetics", "Art Metal", "Transport equipment", "Gas techniques", "Electrical equipment of production", "Industrial Electronics", "Microprocessors", "Computer networks".

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