David - Roentgen-Schule -

The David-Roentgen-School is a vocational school (metal, electric, IT, hair dressing, food, chemistry). Neuwied is a center of administration, school and industry (metal, sheet metal, engineering and construction). We have 3000 students and 100 teachers .Most of our students are apprentice. A lot of them are immigrants. We also have a part time school for technicians and all school forms of a vocational school.

We take part in the Equl program of Rhineland-Palatinate .One part is to develop a new culture of learning. Self directed learning is one of the main issues. E-learning is is one possibility of self directed learning. In this project we will develop established e-learning platform in our school and test together with our partners  the efficiency of the e-learning.We will share with our partner our experience in self-directed learning. We will evaluate e-learning units with the companies of our apprentice and with the examination board of the industrial chamber.

We are going to involv in all activities of the project to increase the quality of the vocational education and training in all partner organisations.


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