Asociatia "Amicii Colegiului Petru Poni" -

 Asociatia "Amicii Colegiului Petru Poni" (The Association “Petru Poni”  College Friends) promotes and supports the interests of the “Petru Poni” Technical College, of its students and teachers through material, financial, logistic or any other type of support. Our association’s goal is oriented both towards the citizens’ professional education and formation and towards the rendering sensitive of the community, of the state and private institutions for the understanding of the school’s role and problems and of education in the society life.

In order to accomplish the declared goal, the association proposes, through its status, to achieve the following activities:

  • developing its own programs in a partnership with public authorities and private organizations in the country and abroad;
  • developing collaboration and cooperation programs with governmental and non-governmental organizations in the country and connecting the association to national, regional and global educational systems and programs;
  • organizing and conducting educational and professional formation courses and activities oriented towards the rise of the professional insertion of the young, the adults’ continuous formation, the implementation of alternative educational systems;
  • developing specific programs for the active involvement of the students’ parents in the schools’, students’, and teachers’ problems;
  • establishing and awarding scholarships for students and teachers, awarding grants and loans for the teachers’ perfecting;
  • - elaborating and implementing projects and grants, participating at contests and competitions within different programs launched by the national and international organisms;
  • - organizing symposiums, conferences, public debates according to the goals the association was established for;
  • - making and editing books, publications, folders, posters, booklets and other informative materials. 

In this project, our teachers will create E-learning content and they will learn to work with the E-learning platform. The lessons posted on the platform will be used during the classes with students from our silent partner, “Petru Poni” Technical College.


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