The general objective for the project is to improve teachers' competencies in order to raise our students' rate of achievement and form their professional competencies at European standards.

Specific objectives are:

  • to raise the quality process of professional formation in VET
  • to develop teachers’ competences to be able to use e-environment for teaching
  • to encourage the sharing of ideas and resources between the persons involved in VET 
  • to facilitate the access to qualitative education in the professional formation
  • to use specific techniques and tools and modern practices to develop the competencies necessary on the labour market
  • to develop the communication competences in English
  • to adapt the teachers and students to an international working environment
  • to develop abilities to use the new technologies (ICT)
  • to broaden participants’ cultural horizons

In  the project we will:

  • prepare questionnaires and analysis as source of information on what students want and what their preferred way of studying is
  • prepare internet tools for doing quick analysis
  • prepare e-learning contents with different approaches to present the materials (lectures, interactive components, graphs, problem solving) for the fields where students have most problems,
  • devise different study plans for students with different needs
  • prepare manual both for teachers and learners to use e-learning efficiently.
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